Identity crisis

Growing up, I used to wonder how lucky these celebrities are. Basking in fame and glory, they sure would be living a much peaceful life than me I thought. They reached that place because they had a talent that was liked by the people. As a movie quote goes “A person is smart. But people are dumb”. It is to these people the celebrities present their talent. We shower them our love, our money, our time and what do we ask in return from the celebrities? Unrequited renounce of their freedom and privacy. Putting yourself in the shoes of a celebrity you find immediately that your life has become bright with flashes. Ever surrounding paparazzi that constantly feeds the social media of the ever consuming dumb people. Dumb people want to find solace in their reality by finding common grounds in the personal information of a celebrity. Imagine the tabloids analyzing every decision you make. You find it annoying. Friends and your co celebrities advise you to ignore them as funny fan comments. You are amused by it now. You try to laugh it away. A kind of re assurance to yourself that you are not affected by it. But the growing arguments that seems to never stop in the never ending scroll of the glasses or the flipping of papers make you lose it. You ban yourself from social life. You lock yourself inside your luxurious room. A luxurious jail. Then you hear a thud from your personal library. Must be May the persian cat that you never wanted yet you accepted it because it was a gift from a big shot.  “Meow”. Your spine chills in fear because the cat was all along near by you and the thud is not ceasing. You walk to the library to see a person rummaging through your books. The person is furiously scribbling the same word in all the pages and tearing it away, mumbling the same word while he does it. “Traitor”, the person screams and runs towards you in a swift move with a raised knife. In an instant you are lying in your pool of blood. I don’t remember seeing a stalker movie ever since “Julie Ganapathy”,(I guess we all remember how terrifying Saritha was in that movie) way back in my childhood until “Perfect blue”. Mima is a singer who decides to shed her pop icon image and pursue a career in the acting industry. Her decision  is not welcomed by many fans including an obsessive fan who goes to unbelievable lengths to show their disapproval. Perfect blue is not only about intrusion but also about identity crisis. Mima believes that she lost her identity, by pursuing an acting career. She desperately subjugates her dissent towards the gruesome scenes she has to act out for the sake of her team. She begins to hate herself for spoiling her good girl image. The perfect Mima emerges out from her self hatred into the real world and threatens the real Mima. In the hands of Satoshi Kon, the director the boundaries of the two worlds become so obscure that the character believes that the two worlds are the same. The art in the animation feels so grounded and yet so dreamy at the same time that we stop decoding the mysteries and just experience the chaos that plays out.

The movie was released in the late 90s when Internet was a budding phenomenon. Mima being taught to open a browser seems comical to us now but the facts played out in the movie are freakishly relatable to the current world and the talk about privacy intrusion is now not a concern only for celebrities.


  • Came to know about the movie through this video
  • A better analysis of the movie



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