Reverie #4

Two hearts twizzled into one on a mellow summer
Hollywood spring trees sough their tunes of love
Neon nights and Dusky days faded
As their dulcet duets never ended
The end

Or was it?
There came a time when his shoes had to fall
Her heels had to fall
Back onto the bitter grounds of reality
Passion and love apparently synonyms
But truth screams behind the scrim

Two hearts fizzled on a mellow summer
Life brings the worse out of us
Yet love never ceases
To bring the best out of us
Even if it means a mutual hiatus
Here’s to..
Hearts that ache
Dreams that die
Love lost in Eden

Finally I watched La La land. Yea I know that’s insane… after all these time. I have the habit of saving anything special till the last and I postponed the movie so much that I almost had forgotten it till today.

What is it with hearts that break apart and heal together? This one goes right onto the top of my favs along with “500 days of summer”. I loved drawing parallels between the two movies and a separate post is needed for the analysis.

Dear reader,

I write this now as I look out through my window. Orion is shining up there as ever. I wonder how many broken hearts looked up at the shining city of stars and thought about the golden moments they had with their special someone together long ago.
Sure a love that ends up like a fairy tale is adorable. But most are not. Love is not the purpose of life, but a part of life that happens, hurts, leaves a scar and gets chunked into the memory box. That’s not a bad thing. When you get lost in the soothing romance, it is love that reminds you that maybe leaving is the best for my other half. Love that will always be there.


  1. My God! Your poem is BREATHTAKING! And I mean it literally! So many emotions of love sprinkled like garnish over the main dish that’s so rare to stop by us mere mortsls ! Exquisite Mathav!!

    Also I am so like you when it comes to postponing things I would love to watch! And La La Land is high up there in that list! I had forgotten about it until I read your post!

    500 days of Summer is one of my favorites too! If LLL is as good as 500… then I want to see it too! Preferebly soon!

    Thanks for the reminder!

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