Old man Marley and the spirit of Christmas

The warm crackling of firewood, lights with their heavenly aura, scooping up the vanilla snow with the cozy winter gloves, fighting with the siblings on who would hang up the Christmas star, baking cookies with grandpa, curiously watching grandma knitting a sweater. Oh and yes, presents! Have I experienced any of these traditional Christmas proceedings in my life? No. Yet Once the December cold sets in I feel the festive vibes trickling through my heart. I live in a hot temperate zone and the coldest night I have ever spent was at around 10 deg C I think. To me, when I think about Christmas, it’s always the feeling of “home”. That comfortable feeling of surrounded by loving and caring people. I spent my childhood days, the early 2000s in an old British era colony house, which was moderately content for our family of four. There was a tall church nearby our colony just about a minute walk. Every Sunday I used to wake up to the church bell. I would be lying over a mess a shawls that was neatly laid out on the kora grass mat by my amma the previous night but currently unfurled due to my reckless sleeping postures. Our colony house roof was made of these slanting asbestos bricks and there is this one small glass window at the roof for sunlight. The shining glass flickers like some sort of god like entity as the sun hides behind the clouds.  With the church bell still doing its 7’o clock ding-dings, I would gaze at this small window filled with the morning sunshine and pondering upon the endless possibilities of life. The first time I went to a Church, I adored the paintings in the glass, the gothic architecture, the way people were praying, knelt down, and hands clasped. Christmas was so different here than what they showed in the Christmas special movies and cartoons. There were a couple of Christians in our colony but I never saw a Christmas tree in their yard and where is the snow? But there will be colorful stars hanging in every Christian family’s house and even non-Christians because why not, tis the season. I would be eagerly waiting at my door for the sweets from the neighbors. Hey there’s no shame when it comes to chocolates. I don’t know why I sidetracked from the topic but Christmas always brings this particular memory of my old home vividly.

 “Home alone” – the definitive Christmas movie for any of us born in the 90s. Remember that final scene where Kevin’s new pal, the old man gets his family back again and as he hugs his granddaughter he waves at Kevin and the heart melting music of John Williams (Thank the heavens for John Williams!) is playing in the background. I was watching this scene yesterday and damn you John the music gets me every time and I just couldn’t hold the happy tears. Old man Marley was living alone because of an argument with his son. Kevin convinces him at the Church on Christmas Eve when he had come to see his granddaughter recite in the Choir. Aren’t we all like Marley? Separated from the true sense of home throughout the year, working tirelessly, studying in different cities. We eagerly wait to return to our home and just hug our loved ones. Christmas brings together people. Like Marley we are perceived as a terrible person but every one of us is nice from the bottom of our heart. Marley gave up his useless pride and fear and got back to his family. Likewise let the bitter pasts vanish and may foes be just a word and not actual people to all of us.

I would like to leave you all with two scenes that brought a lot of old memories to me. Do share your thoughts on them in the comments.

Thank you anamika for pushing me to write. I usually write when I am travelling. For the past couple of months I haven’t moved out much and the blog became dormant for a while. I’ll try to keep my blog active.

Deck the halls and jingle bells! Merry Christmas friends 🙂


  1. Soooo happy to read your writing – i was wondering whether you had moved abroad when I read the first few lines — snow, firewood, baking cookies for Grandpa?!? 🙂 Hope you are doing super-well and will keep writing even in your non-travel days, Mathav. Wish you a beautiful day and wondrous New Year! 🙂

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  2. This is absolutely beautiful Rainy. I do hope that you keep writing. I have missed you, a d your writing takes me to a different place. It is LOVELY. That sense of home is so important, and for me, it was my grandparents’ farm. Such hapoy days there. So safe, and a refuge for me. But Christmas, for me, has unhappy and unpleasant memories so it is not a time that I enjoy. We just get through it. But New Yearnis lovely. Like a blank notebook, all white, and innocent, and ready to write new words on and create new winders. Lively. Thankyou Rainy.

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  3. “when I think about Christmas, it’s always the feeling of “home”. That comfortable feeling of surrounded by loving and caring people”
    I feel the same when I think of Christmas and Home Alone will always remain one of the best Christmas movies! this scene is great, thanks for sharing it!
    Nicely written!

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