Bob Ross ♥

“Not all heroes wear capes”
“People say meditation is the best way to relax, but surely they have never seen Bob ross painting”
“It’s plain and simple. God gave Bob Ross the gift of art and he gave us the joy of painting “

These were some of the comments in the unusually nice comments section of a YouTube video, Bob Ross’s “Joy of painting” series.

I was sick all day today having a blocked nose and a headache that made me feel so heavy.. Popped up some pills and tried to get a full rest but these days sleep is like a rare commodity for me. I hardly get a sound sleep. Woke up sneezing as if I had inhaled some snuff. My eyes turned blood red after like 5 minutes of non stop aachoos.. My day had to get worse.. I said to myself and with a running nose and sore eyes I scoured through the messy shelf to find the kettle…There was the coriander powder that mom had sent to me ..i don’t know for what. Meh, what the heck, mixed it with some nice hot water and started taking it like a soup.. I have never seen a full Bob ross show, maybe now is the perfect time…. So with hot soup, rising fever and a stressed mind I started watching one of the series. The next 30 minutes was the most calming experience I had over the past couple of weeks…

Can you imagine being a kid back in the 80s and every week you sat in front of the CRT along with your whole family to catch your favourite artist Bob ross painting such beautiful sceneries. The man pumps you with such positivity and happiness with his gentle brush strokes (well except the time he beats the devil out of it).. How could you not love the man who believes that even a little tree needs a friend? Television shows of the 70s and 80s really knew their audience. They never underestimated the people on whom you would be casting an everlasting inspiration. Consider this, how many artists are there now because they watched in awe how Bob transforms a blank canvas into an entire world full of not just plain trees and mountains.. Every tree is indulged with an emotion and every colour has a character. Now I’m feeling well. Thank you Bob Ross for making me feel good. If you could read this from heaven, a whole heart full of love to you ♥

I got to know about Bob ross because of the Deadpool movie teaser and if there’s anybody who haven’t heard of his show.. It’s called “Joy of painting“. Would totally recommend if you are ever feeling dull, people..and speaking of good old 80s, some of the other shows that I absolutely adored were “Carl Sagan’s Cosmos” , “Mind your language”, “Macgyver”… What about you? Tell about your favorite 80s shows in the comments. I would be glad to add more in my watch list 😊

P.s : Oh and while I was watching, my friend called me to tell that he had got a job. He was preparing for the Exams hard and patiently for two years and it’s so good to know that he did it 💕 My goodness there’s always a Sun shining over the horizon when you feel it’s the darkest night.



  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. My fave 80s shows include a couple of yours. I’ve always found watching Bob Ross’ paintings and Carl Sagan’s portraits of the universe coming to life most enjoyable… and I feel similarly while warping through Jean-Luc Picard’s / Patrick Stewart’s Star Trek TNG universe.

    So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. As a lifelong allergy sufferer, I know what you’re going through. My own curative regimen involves consuming raspberry jam spread on warm toasted bread and washing it all down with a couple of cups of hot coffee. Get well soon!

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  2. Ahhh – Bob Ross is one of my favourite memories of my childhood television. Most of the others are related to PBS shows like his. As I’m writing this I’m actually looking at two figurines on my desk, one of Bob Ross and the other of Fred Rogers. I feel like on some level they taught me how to be a grown up. I couldn’t have had better role models if I’d asked.

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  3. Well, My birth year is 1999…….So how could I see the 80s Tv shows!!?? 🤔🤔😁😂😂😂…….
    I hope this joke have made you smile a little 🙂 and your health be Improved…..
    Get well soon buddy. ❤

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