Reverie #2

The mask I wear seeps into me
Piercing through the walls of my cells
Feeding on mundane thoughts
The mask creeps onto me
Gasping for any reason to exist
I writhe on the purple sand
Under the ominous purple tree
Resistance yields regurgitation
Loathing and aching in pain
I see a world full of efforts in vain
The mask owns us
Losing our identity to the glitches
To a mask that can never be unstitched

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  1. “The mask owns us” That is so powerful – “a world full of efforts in vain.” Much to think about here! Only effort that is worth it – is to take the mask off ….and then what will we find? Empty space in love? Thanks for these words! πŸ™‚

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  2. The words are beautiful! So evocative – purple sand and tree…you write so well – prose and poetry.

    You are truly gifted….all this and differential equations too. πŸ™‚

    Though i don’t know if i want to live such a long life….only the ending i don’t agree with about unstiching the mask (that is just my opinion – not to do with poetry — i do think (maybe i am a hopeless optimist) – that one day we can be free from all these masks – the conditioning of our mind, emotions, society – and breathe free in sublime nothingness that is everything – fragrant infinity of love….:))

    Wish you a beautiful evening. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you for stopping by:) I agree it takes “persistent” effort not just an effort, which is where many of us fail.. we dump all our effort at a single go and take no burden the next day and expect the result.. Being consistent and having a balanced life is the key to escape from this masks. When I wrote this poem I was in a terribly pessimistic point of my life, now it feels different when I am reading it again

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  3. I believe that we all wear masks to cope with our daily difficulties and judgmental society as well! But as comfortable as it seems, well eventually it makes us lose our identity, our true-self. This is why we need to fight on daily basis to be whom we really are and embrace it…Only by doing so, we can be free, otherwise will attract wrong people, will have fake life and fake relationships…It’s not easy but it’s the only way!

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