A beneficial thing for which one is grateful

I count my blessings on a starry night and dream of a moonless sky. Dreams fade into memories that have no definite sense of chronology. I searched through the inner repository to find the blessings that made me a person of life. Is success a blessing? Sure in the end success makes everything seem sweet. But who is going to heal that pain we had to endure to make it there? Has any fruit been reaped without a great deal of suffering? All these moments we bury under concrete, only for it to wriggle and crack through the layers like a determined sapling.

We go on about our days ignoring the open call of the roads. Poets weared of exhaustion trying to convince humanity to make a path of their own.
we find ourselves at peace in the little moments around our friends, our family, the carefree brush strokes, the unrestrained flow of words on paper.

These firefly moments must be the blessing we are endowed with. The trivial solutions to the complex differential equations of our life. But like every math problem one is interested in finding the non trivial solutions. The ones that are not obvious. The blessings we don’t think about. Ever had a teacher who was strict and tough? who always criticizes you? We all would have given negative feedback for the concerned professor in our final feedback forms. We cherish the professors who declare holidays frequently and is so lavish in awarding us internal marks. Not that I’m complaining but if you think about it, at the end for most of us negative feedback is the one that brings stability. Time is like that teacher. We are fed up with the ever flowing time. Washing us away from the moments we would love to stick to. Imposing deadlines on us, Making us miss the opportunities to relax, the persistent tick tocking hammering on our heads to wake up and run a rat race, to follow the routine and contribute nothing but increasing the entropy of the universe. Time does suck the breath out of us literally one day. But let me ask again,
“Who is going to heal that pain we had to endure to make it there?”
Time. Flowing and cracking through the ravines of space and matter, there is nothing immovable to its mighty flow. We cry over the happy sounds it drowned but when was the last time we were grateful to the wounds it washed away. We take love for granted in our comfort zones but don’t we all realize the meaning of love only when time takes us far apart. Time rejuvenates that bond. Being the very essence of existence yet dubiously engrained in all our actions. I’m me because of the sum total of all of me in all the moments preceding me. Everyone who influenced me and everyone I influenced, we are all nothing but wanderers walking in the path pointed by the arrow of time.

Thanks to Krishna Priya for suggesting me this prompt. I am sorry I took a really long “time”.



  1. This is SO amazing! Everything in the universe is right here — differential equations with trivial solutions, entropy, time, suffering, simple moments of happiness, saplings growing out of granite – what a deep and beautiful write. Thanks so much Mathav! I am soooo blessed, grateful and impressed! 🙂

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  2. that was so lovely to read
    by reading this made me think that how great to pay attention to what you have and always count your blessings . cause some people don’t appreciate what they have and always want more

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