Red heart

October 9, 2017 – The night was young like the moths teetering the halogen lamps….. The last bus to Madgaon will arrive in 10 minutes said the auto driver. The bus stand was desolate. I hurried and scanned the board names for Madgaon. There it was at the corner. Then I turned to rest my yellow back pack on the seat. My Lil tummy grumbled. Time to devour the delicacy I had just bought. I opened the indigo Dairy milk silk cover and started munching on that smooth brown choco heaven while the Dairy milk song was playing in my head, “Kiss me.. Close your eyes”.. Wait.. Who is that on my right? There she was… On a red dress… My red heart skipped a beat β™₯ For a moment the most scrumptious silky flavor of the chocolate became flavourless. “Stupid Heart! You took our blood supply” screamed my taste buds. I closed my awkwardly opened mouth immediately and adjusted my black Sleeved T shirt. While she was talking on the phone, I couldn’t muster the courage to look at her again. What if she thinks I’m a pervert?😩 Sooooooooo… I carried on awkwardly eating my silk. Other than the two of us, one or two guys were there. One of them was staring at her as if he had seen water after months in sahara .. I was like 😑😀 “Madgoan! Madgoan!!” the bus came with the conductor yelling. This is it.. We are bidding goodbye I thought. But no she boarded the same bus. She went and sat first in that first blue seat .. I was behind her looking for a seat. A seat was free next to her. I saw her. Her hazel iris gave me a cold stare. 😳 That was enough for me to squeak like a mouse to the seats behind. 45 minutes journey to madgoan. All Bollywood, hollywood romance scenes started flashing in my mind..But none of them sounded right… Cuz doesn’t most romantic scenes in movies inundate stalking? Sooooooooo Madgoan came! As I was waiting in line of the descending crowd in the bus, I was cursing myself for not even trying to say a friendly Hi to her. “God make some random thing to happen for me to initiate a conversation” That was the most serious prayer I did in ages. “THADAK! ” Her phone fell down into the back seat while she was getting up … But she couldn’t reach it. I was like “By the power of grey skull.. I have the powwerrrrrr !! Super man to the rescue!! ” As I bent down to reach what appeared to be her phone was actually some kurkure cover dropped by a moron not following swachch Bharath. EMBARASSED like hell I stood up, she was still searching for the phone and she didn’t notice me. Ughh! “Hidher! Aapka phone” said a guy in the front seat stretching out the phone. “Naa uhh bwoy.. This is my story! You don’t get to be the hero” said my mind. I plucked the phone from him and patted her shoulders with the phone with an excuse. She grabbed the phone and said “Thank you”.. What is it with the voice of women. My quarter kg thwarter rumbled my ribs like a baby cuckoo cracking it’s egg shell. Concealing the catastrophe inside, I blushed with a smile. While I was standing still and dreaming about whether to move with her to North India or bring her to south India, She moved out as fast as she said thank you. “Farewell lady! It was nice meeting you” , I said to myself and got down and moved to the next bus to Ponda. From the bus I saw her walking swiftly to a hotel. “Ughh” I exhaled an air of disappointment. The bus was waiting for more than an hour at the bus stand and I was simply sitting in the seat near the bus exit and started thinking how today would have been more fun with my college friends. Some other girl dressed in red standing near the exit enquired me about the bus route. Another girl in turquoise was struggling with her Red luggage into the bus.. “OK today is a red letter day in my life, I thought”…. So many reds And then behind this Turquoise dressed girl…… Deus Ex Machina!!! There she was again standing like a morning dream undisturbed by the early sunshine… The original red dress. She must have gone to pick her turquoise friend. I noticed her looking at me without her noticing me that I was noticing her. Now alright third chance , I thought of asking her if her phone was OK… “Ok let some time go” my timid character was restricting me to ask her.. “ok I’ll ask once the bus moves”.. The conductor came, bus engine whirred in the cold night. I shuffled through my rasna, jiggina coloured 200,500, 2000 notes and took out the orange twenty rupee note and gave it to conductor. She held out some money and asked for Panjim. “sorry Ma bus doesn’t go to panjim” πŸ’” My heart cracked like an omelette when I saw her getting down. So yaaaa hello red dress wherever you are, I hope you are good 😊 P. S: The reason why I wanted to share this is because I had this profound feeling, I am just one in 7 billion. Like how many untold little love stories are out there. Here’s to them all. Cheers. Happy Valentine’s Day.



  1. So you didn’t get a chance to talk with bad.. I do love the bus stories…we meet people who are going to travel with us for few hours..but the memories are last long..

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  2. After reading this I feel I should write all my puppy crushes and breakage of sea shells that is the tiny heart as this world is filled with so many attractive people. Either machoism, or brainy or good personality or he has achieved so many…

    God you make me like a teen, I’m a mommy with a 8 yr old.

    May be I should teach my little one to patao girl in red dress or yellow dress..he is a smart though.

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